The Kariton throughout history is part of a Filipino culture.

Growing up in the Philippines we have seen various ways a Kariton is used.  From the makeshift sari-sari store, rolling classrooms, to some would even call a home. And through Filipino ingenuity karitons are created from various recyclables.

JCI Legazpi and JCI Senate Legazpi brainstormed and took the challenge of creating something that keeps this Filipino Culture and Ingenuity, while at the same time expand the versatility and use of our ordinary Kariton……

. And here it is… E-Kariton

E stands for

Emergency – Provide independent power, can be fitted with basic first aid and other medical equipment needing electricity. And an AI that can be consulted for simple First Aid Procedures. Also provide emergency power to charge life lines.

Education – Can be rolled out to streets gather out of school youths, inspire them to go back to school through simple educational videos and the showcase of technology through interaction with an ALS educational skills. Can also be used to inspire students to take tech and science courses.

Entertainment – can be used for fun.

Environment – Promote Clean Energy

This kariton has a 200w solar panel with a 150 ah battery, it can provide both 220v and 12v power, E-Kariton comes with it a storage area to help transport whatever item it needs for its deployed function.

Since it has stored power various modern technologies can be included in it. From providing Wi-Fi to having AI’s (Artificial Intelligence Ex: Alexa and Google Home) helping it in its function.