My JCI Village 

In 2015, Project Chairman/2018 Secretary General of JCI Legazpi Joseph Glenn Austero, when he was just a Baby Jaycee, envisioned a program that is geared toward empowering communities, specifically the communities within the outskirts and sidelines of progressive ones, that are always left weak & helpless. Since then, there had been planning on how to execute the program. In 2017, thru the leadership of President Dennis Shi, this program has been started through the Donate a Yero, Be a Hero project implemented within the same IP Tribe in Tiwi. This year, JCI Legazpi through Pres. William I. Ong, My JCI Village has been inaugurated and the same community, the Agta-Tabagnon Tribe of Tabgon, Misibis Tiwi Albay is officially declared JCI Legazpi’s adopted community that will receive at least 30% of all LO’s community impact projects.

The Tabgon Tribe (the Agta-Tabangnon Tribe) is one of the four katutubo tribes located in Tiwi; Joroan Tribe, Misibis Tribe, Mayong Tribe and Tabgon Tribe. Of the four tribes, the Tabgon Agta-Tabangnon Tribe is the most vulnerable among the four. This tribe can be considered as an internally displaced community first because, during the rise of the insurgency in Tiwi, the insurgents forced the tribe to flee from their ancestral lands. Their misery didn’t end with the problem of insurgency because when the government intervened, the social services has been established 7 kilometers away from their ancestral domain poblacion. The government even created a school in another sitio that is 8 kilometers away from the main community of the tribe. They then moved their houses further down the slopes of their main community just so the children will no longer have to walk kilometers every day just to attend school.

The following are the problems that the Agta-Tabagnon Tribe are experiencing on a daily basis:

  • Internal Displacement due to Government Intervention & Insurgency
  • Lack of Source of Living (the typhoon last year slowed down the production of Abaca which is their main crop they have a big ancestral domain but they lack crops to plant and where to source their seedlings)
  • Easy access to health resources for women, children & the elderly
  • Access to affordable & quality education and educational resources
  • Access to clean storage of water supplies
  • Access to Affordable, Environmental, and Efficient light and power source