One isn’t enough to serve humanity. This was proven today at Sitio Tagbon of Bgy Misibis in Tiwi, Albay.


Three chapters of internationally known civic clubs joined in unity and harmony to serve the indigenous group of Aeta whose tribe was settling further on the higher land of Barangay Misibis in Tiwi, Albay..

With the Junior Chamber International (JCI) as the lead Club, they gathered at Tagbon Elementary School where the Aeta tribe was clustered into three groups: the children, the adults and the old Aetas.

The Children were shown a movie through a big tv which was powered by solar panels. The adults were grouped under a small tenement where they were taught the skills of making bags.

The old Aetas were gathered to understand and become more aware on the values of health, better housekeeping and harmonized social management, among others.

MOVING AS ONE, the three Clubs, the Jaycees, the Mason Lodge and the Legazpi City Host Lions Club, made a wonderful project delivery into this far-flung community with residents who we have considered the origin of the Filipino race but now are driven to escape from captivity from the lower lands up to the mountains by the foreign invaders who came to conquer the island, according to history.