“For the past 60 years, a little over a thousand men has entered and left the great chamber of JCI Legazpi. Using the acquired knowledge, the skills and the experiences gained, many have moved on and became cream of the crop in the fields of their own choosing. Many have become better people.  A few have became the best. Some, in one way or another, have improved the lives of others.    While some did not live long enough to see the fruits of their labor…  But one thing stands out…by being a member of  JCI LEGAZPI…it has brought out the youthful vigor…

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Thank you for supporting our Oplan Kaagapay: Tulong sa Pagbangon Mission for the victims of Typhoon Odette.

Prizes Ticket No
Casablanca Convention Center Voucher 989
Mr Samgyup GC 1817
Westwood Change Oil & Carwash Voucher 549
LCC P5000 GC 1599
LCC P5000 GC 69
Haring Manok P2700 GC 1391
MXY Hotpot 891
Selami 1 Case Sn Miguel Pale 104
Selami 1 Case San Mig Light 603
Selami 1 Case Light Gin 1897
Selami 1 Case Primera Light 1147
Selami 1 Case GSM Blue Mojito 1252
Marison Hotel (1) Night Stay 432
Hotel Sentro (1) Night Stay 574
Casablanca Suites (1) Night Stay 505
Magayon Water Refilling Water Dispenser 212
Save Rite Rice Cooker 1176
Save Rite Rice Cooker 1093
Save Rite Rice Cooker 589
Save Rite E-Kettle 1093
Save Rite E-Kettle 705
Save Rite E-Kettle 535
Trident Generator Set 1529
Barrientos  Generator Set 1653
Lights Up  Generator Set 1321
Ultra Aire 1 Unit Window Type Aircon 106


TO SPREAD THE FIRES OF JAYCEEISM, particularly in the Bicol Region, Executive Vice-President of the Philippine Jaycees Jesus I. Hernandez, thru his mother chapter-the Naga Jaycees started the charter extension for Legazpi Jaycees assigning Mr. Leo Trinidad as chairman for their third extension in the Bicol Region.   By March 16, the petition of the 25 pioneer members with Mr. Joaquin Los Banos as its charter president was approved, with a 2 year probation period through a Plaque of Admission by the Philippine Jaycee. 


HUMANITARIAN SERVICE IS BORN, In the middle of the year and just before their historic induction was to take place, the Philippine’s main island of Luzon was devastated by three consecutive typhoons, with Typhoon “Harriet” devastating the Bicol Region, particularly Albay province and the city of Legazpi. Under the leadership of NP Gregorio L. Araneta II, the Philippine Jaycees launched the biggest relief operations of the decade called “Operation Saklolo” covering the Bicol Region, Manila and Central Luzon.  Japanese, Australians and Malaysian Jaycees provided timely and much-needed financial aid to its mother chapter in Asia.


THE CHAPTER’S FIRST HUMANITARIAN PROJECT: “OPERATION SAKLOLO” reached beleaguered  Legazpi City and its people on June of 1960, with Pres. “Jackie” Los Banos and his new breed of  Jaycees, converged at chapel’s grounds and courtyards, to conduct simultaneous relief operations to almost 4,000 families in the Old Albay District of Legazpi City and in the adjacent towns of Daraga and Camalig.  Today, The JCI-Legazpi (formerly, the Legazpi Jaycees, Inc.) has continuously participated in relief operations in their own area caused by calamity and or natural catastrophes, making it a stakeholder and its member’s partners in socio-economic development and the chapter an advocate for Global Climate Change. 

In the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda, JCI Martin Reynoso brought the 

…and most of all the right  attitude to make a difference for a better community and for the better good of mankind and above all , for the Greater Glory of God”

chapter to Tacloban providing much-needed solar lights and communications to the devastated people. His humanitarian projects were shortlisted at the ASPAC with the JCI Marker-as the top 3rd Best Community Development Program-besting 20 Asian countries in the Asia Pacific Region.

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