Developing Leaders

for a Changing World

Who Are We?

We are a leadership organization dedicated to the tenets of the JCI movement. We pride ourselves with more than 6 decades of making impact in our community. 

We believe:


Faith in god


Brotherhood of men


Government of laws


Economic justice


Human personality


Service to humanity

Now as president, Ian leads with integrity and compassion, guided by his mantra, “Lead with Heart” and set a positive example for others. His ability to serve through JCI is rooted in his deep-seated values of love for family, unwavering faith in God, and a steadfast commitment to JCI’s core principles of community service and leadership.

Four Areas of



Individual Development

Available training opportunities for leadership, communication, & other skills development are provided by JCI. You will have a chance to meet people of the same advocacies and purposes for personal enrichment.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Members are given opportunities to network to increase business network and further develop entrepreneurial skills through trainings.

JCI Legazpi is not a charity or a philanthropic organization. We empower our members so they can take initiative and make the changes they are passionate about. To enable their success, we must give them a well-rounded experience, guided through the Four Areas of Opportunity. .

Community Actions

Projects JCI Legazpi conducts are geared toward community participation and development; an opportunity for members to actively promote positive change.

International Collaboration

With global reach, JCI Legazpi provides opportunity for members to collaborate internationally with like-minded persons and organizations in promoting impactful projects. 

UN Sustainable Goals

“As young leaders, JCI members hold the key to solving some of the most oppressing challenges of our times.”

— Ban Ki Moon

“Begin in your community… begin at your university, begin in your own little town…”

— Kofi Annan

"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world - indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

— Margaret Mead

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